Mcfarlane hockey sports picks football cards

Mcfarlane hockey sports picks football cards
renderings of select stars in the four most popular sports in North America - hockey, football, baseball and basketball.

The company has (or in the case of NHL, had) official licensing rights to the major professional leagues of each of these sports.

Contents, beginnings edit, an avid sports fan, collector of sports memorabilia and a former part-owner of a professional hockey team (.

Edmonton Oilers Todd McFarlane created McFarlane Sports Picks in 2000 with the release of a series.

The figures were licensed by the.

Nhlpa but not by the league itself; as such, the players' jerseys featured the colours of the teams for which they played, but the nhlpa logo in place of the team logos (which the NHL holds rights to).

The figures proved to be popular enough with fans and collectors that the NHL signed a licensing agreement with McFarlane, allowing future releases to be branded with league and team logos.

Later in 2001, McFarlane Sports Picks released Series 1 of their NHL line, and Series 1 2 of their NFL line.

Variant edit,"d from Mark Weber (McFarlane: Sports Brand Manager).

Q: What's the difference between a "chase figure" and a "variant?".

A chase figure is a different version (the differences usually involve paint application, but could also be sculpt or accessory changes) of a regular figure, intentionally produced and generally released in limited numbers.

For example, Nomar Garciaparra in MLB 9 was painted in his road gray uniform, but there are a small number of the same figure painted in the home white uniform.

Those white-uniform Nomar figures are chase figures.

All four figures in Spawn Series 16: Nitro Riders were released in both pewter- and gold-washed chase versions in addition to the regular fully painted figures.

Almost every sports figureand a lesser number of non-sports figureshas a chase version.

A variant figure is a paint or accessory difference from the "normal" figure that is often unintentional.

Sometimes, these are production errors or glitches that occur at the factory and might be released into distribution before the mistake is caught and corrected.

An example would be the Redeemer figure from Spawn Series 25 with different gradations of green paint on his wings or the Anthony Thomas figure from NFL 5, some of which had different coloured mouthguards".

NHL 13 Alexander Ovechkin regular in white and chase in black.

On April 11, 2008, McFarlane Toys made an announcement on their new chase figures.

There will now be a new form of chase figures surfacing on the market.

There have been the traditional chases like alternate, third jersey, retro's and throwbacks.

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