Golden fixed tips questions

Golden fixed tips questions
in the lower half.

Weight can be as low as 55 pounds, but is usually 60-75 pounds.

However, there are many oversized Goldens, with some individuals topping 90 pounds.

Unfortunately, this heavier weight isn't good for their joints.

Where does the Golden Retriever come from, and why was the breed developed?

He was developed in England and Scotland as both a land hunter and a water retriever (retrieving shot ducks from the water).

What kind of temperament and personality does the Golden Retriever have?

To get an idea of what a breed might be like, always look at what he was developed to do (see the question above).

Many of the Golden Retriever's characteristics - his strong body, his energy level and enthusiasm, his love of swimming and retrieving, his strong desire to carry things around in his mouth - are hardwired into his genes, because.

I give you my honest opinions about Golden Retriever temperament and personality - positives AND negatives - in my dog breed review, Golden Retriever Temperament (What's Good About 'Em, What's Bad About 'Em).

Can Golden Retrievers be any color other than golden?

I've seen some reddish ones.

Golden Retrievers come in only one color, but the shade of their coat ranges from reddish (like an Irish Setter) to medium gold to pale cream to nearly white.

It's all the same breed, and no shade is more desirable than another.

Golden Retrievers do tend to turn white around their muzzle at a fairly young age - this is normal for the breed.

During the winter, some Golden Retrievers will lose pigment on their nose, which turns pinkish.

This is a harmless and temporary condition referred to as "snow nose.".

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