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, prohibiting or commanding theconduct.

Injury to Human Being: The fourth element, as we have pointed out above, is an injuryto another human being or to society at large.

This injury to another human being should beillegally caused to any person in body, mind, reputation or property.

Therefore, it becomesclear that the consequences of harmful conduct may not only cause a bodily harm to anotherperson, it may cause harm to his mind or to his property or to his reputation.

Sometimes, by aharmful conduct no injury is caused to another human being, yet the act may be held liable asa crime, because in such a case harm is caused to the society at large.

All the public offences, especially offences against the state,.g.

Are instances of such ey are treated to be very grave offences and punished very severely also.

We may state again that there are four essential elements that go to constitute a rst, the wrongdoer who must be a human being and must have the capacity to commit acrime, so that he may be a fit.

This isalso known as the subjective element of a crime.

Thirdly, there should be an actus reus,.e.

Anact committed or omitted in furtherance of such evil intent or mens rea.

This may be calledthe objective element of a crime.

Lastly, as a result of the conduct of the human being actingwith an evil mind, an injury should have been caused to another human being or to the societyat large.

Such an injury should have been caused to any other person in body, mind, reputation or property.

If all these elements are present, generally, we would say that a crimehas been constituted.

However, in some cases we find that a crime is constituted, althoughthere is no mens rea at all.

These are known as cases of strict liability.

Then again, in somecases a crime is constituted, although the actus reus has not consummated and no injury hasresulted to any person.

Such cases are known as inchoate crimes, like attempt, abetment orconspiracy.

So also, a crime may be constituted where only the first two elements are other words, when there is intention alone or even in some cases there may be an assemblyalone of the persons without any intention at all.

These are exceptional cases of very seriouscrimes which are taken notice of by the state in the larger interests of the peace andtranquillity of the society.

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