Accurate sports betting consensus picks football

Accurate sports betting consensus picks football
a new market.

This market is so mispriced.

Anything offered by a sportsbook from an NFL point spread to futures on who will win the NBA title is a market.

A market can have two options or 200.

So What Is a Market, Broadly Speaking?

From Investopedia : A market is any place where two or more parties can meet to engage in an economic transaction.

A market might deal in the trades of stocks, fruit, housing and everything in between.

It works the same way in sports betting.

As bettors, were really just buying and selling teams at certain prices I like the Broncos 3, so Im buying into the market at that price against the sportsbook.

Someone else might like Steelers -3 in the same game.

Theyre buying into the market at that price against the sportsbook, which is really just serving as an intermediary between you and other bettors.

How Sports Betting Lines Are Really Set.

Many oddsmakers dont make lines.

They copy lines from other books, then manage risk.

Thats why youll hear people say the betting market thinks this and not oddsmakers think this.

Odds actually originate at just a few sportsbooks around the world, with different books specializing in different sports.

Those books open their lines.

Then sharp bettors will wager at lower limits just a few hundred dollars or low four-figures, usually.

(Anyone can bet, but its the pros who know when these markets open and have the reputation and capital to influence line moves).

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This gives those books the opportunity to gather information and create a relatively accurate price without exposing themselves to big financial risk.

The price on a particular game, once settled, has come from the wisdom of the crowds, not the almighty bookmaker.

These opening bettors are really just buying and selling teams at certain prices, and lines will eventually settle once those bettors feel that the price is correct.

Lets say a book opens Duke -8.5.

Bettors may bet Duke at -8.5, -9.5 and -10 before another group of bettors decides.5 on North Carolina is too many points and forces the book to move back to -10.

No one else with influence weighs in, and we now have an opening point spread of Duke -10 that the rest of the sportsbooks will copy.

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