Europol match predict young

Europol match predict young
comes from criminal activities like phishing, malware attacks, online auction fraud, e-commerce fraud, business e-mail compromise (BEC) and CEO fraud, romance scams, holiday fraud (booking fraud) and many others.

What is Money Muling?

Money muling is a type of money laundering.

A money mule is a person who receives money from a third party in their bank account and transfers it to another one or takes it out in cash and gives it to someone else, obtaining a commission for.

Even if money mules are not directly involved in the crimes that generate the money (cybercrime, payment and on-line fraud, drugs, human trafficking, etc.

they are accomplices, as they launder the proceeds of such crimes.

Simply put, money mules help criminal syndicates to remain anonymous while moving funds around the world.

Posters, public service announcement, hOW ARE money mules recruited?

Seemingly legitimate job offers (e.g.

Money transfer agents) announced via online job forums, emails, social media (e.g.

Facebook posts in closed groups, Instagram, Snapchat) or pop-up ads.

Direct messages sent through instant messaging apps (e.g.

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