Rb strategy

Rb strategy
member - will admit that having an elite running back is one of the best pieces to have if you want to win a championship.

The debate is about the best way to go about building a team.

Knowing you want an elite RB, should you chase the position heavily at the top of your draft, invest several of your first half-dozen or so picks, with the hope you'll end up with at least two must-start guys?

Or should you avoid investing heavily at all, knowing the attrition rate of the position means you're likely going to be wasting at least a few of your most valuable picks on players who won't end up being worth it?

Loyal reader of the, fantasy Football, today Newsletter that you are, you've already seen my early-round road map, where I walk you through how to approach the early rounds no matter what strategy you want to go with.

Me, I prefer to take one elite RB in the first two rounds and then focus on my other positions for the next four to six rounds.

But that's just me!

You may prefer a different plan.

I know Dave Richard does.

He's always been a heavy-RB proponent, and that's especially true this season, when the crop of potential three-down difference makers looks deeper than it has in a long time.

In today's newsletter, Dave will walk you through his approach to the position along with his tiered rankings from Round 1 all the way to the deep backups, letting you know when the right time to move on each player.

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