What is an over under in sports betting system

What is an over under in sports betting system
choose from, there are tons of odds you can choose from as well and that brings us to over/under betting which Ill now discuss.

Over/under betting is the second most common type of wagering in basketball after point spread betting.

In over/under betting, you are simply wagering whether the total score is going to be over or under a certain number predicted by a basketball betting site.

If it is higher than the predicted number, then the over wins; if it is lower than the predicted number, then the under wins.

The sportsbooks odds are obviously available.

 I actually did a test which I display on our sports ranking page and it shows that over 30,000 odds that Ive tracked, has lowest over/under odds by more than.5 times their competitor.

 Lets now discuss how this betting style works.

Calculating Over/Under Basketball Bets please see illustration below to help understand over/under bets, text explanation follows.

Let us say the Los Angeles Lakers are playing against the Houston Rockets.

In this match, Lakers are the favorites and Rockets are the underdogs.

A sportsbook predicts a total of 184, with the odds listed as follows: Totals: 184.5, over (-110 under (110 in this case, if you are betting 110 that the total score will be over 184 points, then you could win 100.

Similarly, if you are betting that the total score will be 184 points exactly or under, then you could win 110 by betting 100.

Important: Sometimes, a sportsbook will present the odds with (-) and.

The signs, (-) and represent the less likely to win (the underdog with the positive sign) and the more likely to win the game (the favorite with the negative sign) as well as how much.

Total Score Specifics, to get the total score, you add up the final scores of both teams of a match.

For example, the total score between the Celtics and the Lakers in a particular match was 85-90.

The total score is thus 175 (8590) points.

Unlike football and soccer, you will not see the same totals for all of the over/under bets (see our Football and Soccer Over/Under Betting articles).

Accordingly, you will often see a predicted total of 37 in football and a predicted total of 2 in soccer in over/under odds.

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