Manipulated 1x2 x ray

Manipulated 1x2 x ray
to a specific component of an x-ray imaging system, which allows low intensity x-rays to be converted to a visible light output.

The device contains a low absorbency/scatter input window, typically aluminum, input fluorescent screen, photocathode, electron optics, output fluorescent screen and output window.

This device was originally introduced in 1948 3, a C-arm comprises a generator (X-ray source) and an image intensifier or flat-panel detector.

The C-shaped connecting element allows movement horizontally, vertically and around the swivel axes, so that X-ray images of the patient can be produced from almost any angle.

The generator emits X-rays that penetrate the patient's body.

The image intensifier or detector converts the X-rays into a visible image that is displayed on the C-arm monitor.

The doctor can identify and check anatomical details on the image such as blood vessels, bones, kidney stones and the position of implants and instruments at any time.

4, clinical applications, modern imaging systems will use the image intensifier as the source of images supplied to a storage system.

As a fixed piece of equipment in a dedicated screening room mobile equipment for use in an operation theatre It can be processed and print the on going shot pictures within few minutes Fluoroscopy delivers a dose.

Monitor image intensifier(camera) C-ARM tablle with patient X-RAY source hand switch control panel C-ARM image intensifier modern type with video fluorsocsopy 7, permanent/Fixed Fluoroscopic Systems, two main configurations in permanently installed fluoroscopic systems.

One class commonly utilizes a radiolucent patient examination table with an under- table mounted tube and an imaging system mounted over the table.Other is commonly referred to as a C-arm system used where greater flexibility in the examination.

All frame rates, storage (local or pacs image capture devices lower in cost than before.

Software configurable and based on cots components.

9, the non-C-arm - screening rooms.

The Types of investigations Endoscopy studies (ercp) (Some sites will opt for a portable C-arm system for this) Barium studies (swallows, meals, enemas)  Fertility studies (HSG) For diagnosis purpose of the various departments emergency.

C-arm-portable x-ray machine, the C-arm systems are commonly used for studies requiring the maximum positional flexibility such as Angiography studies (peripheral, central and cerebral) Therapeutic studies (Line placements.e. .

Permacath/Hickman, transjugular biopsies, tips stent, embolisations) Cardiac studies (ptca) Orthopedic procedures (orif, DHS, MUA, spinal work) - again generally using a portable C-arm maximum flexibility in positional use.

Intra-operative Urological surgery Used in paediatric surgery 11, general configuration, a mobile image intensifier has units,.

Imaging system on (C-arm).

Workstation unit used to store and manipulate the images.

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